The Synapse Developers Fund Launch


We're getting ready to launch the alpha version of our platform, which includes giving away 1/3 of all SYN tokens to developers and companies who test, use, and launch on on Synapse.

About the Platform

The Synapse Developers Platform will give you first access to the Synapse Network and its APIs. This is where contract fulfillment and service subscription happens. This works with our marketplace to provide access to services for all agents participating on the Synapse Network.

If you're new to Synapse and want to learn more about what we're building, check out our video.


SYN tokens given away for
the Synapse Developers Fund

Along with the alpha launch, Synapse is giving 1/3 of all SYN tokens (330,000,000 SYN Tokens) to developers and companies building on the Synapse Network.

Join the Developers Fund

The Bug Bounty Program

Are you a developer interested in helping the Synapse team squash bugs for SYN tokens? If so, sign up below to take part in making the Synapse platform awesome, while making some crypto for your trouble.

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